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Established by 4 best friends who love arts, Memento is built to help people makes the best of their precious moments and events in life, by making it lasts forever and unforgettable. We always try to be your best partner or even friends that lend helpful hands with passion, enthusiasm, consultation, and service. We always believe that best partners and friends are people who you will rely on.

Memento (Latin: remember). The name itself was not chosen without reason. It was born as the manifestation of our deepest dream and vision: to help people appreciating and remembering every significant moment in their life. For we believe that each person is precious, deserves to be loved and appreciated. As well as the special moments / events in their life are priceless, great enough to be true, and too great to be forgotten.


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Memento is specialized in customized invitation card designs, and gift packages of any occasion, such as : wedding celebration, birthday party, baby or bridal shower, business events, etc. We provide a very personal design with touch of creativity and quality just for YOU. Tell us your story, then we will help you to MAKE IT FOREVER.



The line below the text symbolizes life journey, while the dot depicts a specific moment of life. As you can see, the dot color stands out of the whole logo, because that is what we (Memento) do : we give color to your moment and captures it as a sweet remembrance.