Joyful Carol

Knock knock, Christmas and new year are peeping on the door. Before the hustle bustle come and consume your energy, take a look at Memento x The Angelika premium Christmas gift. A box full of warmth and comfort, containing a bottle of refreshment, a cup of beauty, and a glimpse of happiness, be it a present for your tired mind, […]

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Recently, we got a nice experience to participate as one of Wechat’s partner in producing some gimmicks for their event at Jakarta. It was a great opportunity for us. The production timeline was quite short, but we were happy with the result. Since the application is related to mobile phone, so we proposed to use lollipops wrapped in a phone-shape paper. The main message […]

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Colorful balloons flying in the air carrying a house; what movie does come across your mind? Yes you are right! It’s UP from Pixar. The storyline was simple, but it’s so touching, particularly at the end of the story when the main role Carl opened his and Ellie’s book of adventure.

“Thank’s for the adventure-Now, go have a new one,” wrote […]


“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.”-Fawn Weaver

Some people may think that “happily ever after” statement is a bit of exaggerated. Well, we all know that life is not that perfect; that you will still go through hard times after some happy moments. That’s true! But the most important thing is: happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be affected by the […]