A Moment to Cherish








We all know that life is full of ups and downs. And we often unconsciously set our eyes and thoughts on things we do not have yet, things we do not achieved yet. Neglecting to realize that there are so many beautiful things in our life, and we can also be grateful for it.

If you are asked, when is the moment of your life that you cherish the most? It can be the moment you were born, when you were graduated, when you got your first job, got promoted or when you got married and your child was born.

There are so many moments in our life that bring us happiness and will certainly make us cherishing it. But there are some moments in life that bring us sadness and failures sometimes. In fact, through all of ups and downs, every moment is beautiful, even at the lowest season of our life. And we can still be grateful with it – for the lessons learned, or how we could finally get through it.

One of the most beautiful moment is when we got our first child. At the same time, happiness rises up and we know we should be ready to be good parents. More responsibilities, more love, and more selflessness.

In every season, we can choose to see the challenge as tough ones or an amazing adventure. We can choose to see it as a hard season or a beautiful one.

In every season, there are reasons for us to mourn or moan but we can always find one reason to be grateful, and the reason is actually our own decision.