Always Be My Little Prince


This little kick in my womb, is the first kick in my life that left love in my heart.

Instead of got mad, the stronger the kick, the stronger I feel this love.

The kind of love that I have never felt before, that I can’t wait to see him in person.

Even I can imagine already how my Prince’s cries and giggles voice will fill all the corners of my house.


This small kick will then grow stronger, and my Prince will start to kick the ball and score a goal in the yard with his friends.

He will then set another goals in his life, find out what real life is and who are the people that really matter to him.

Beyond that, I hope that he will always chase his dream and earn his goal and he will be a gentle, kindhearted man.


Then one day, my Prince will grow up and people will see him as a mature man.

One day they might see him as a successful King, building his own empires, having his own little Princes and Princess.

But no matter how he grows up through all ups and downs, all success and failures,

No matter who he will be one day, he will always be my Little Prince.

I will never forget his first kick, the first time I fell in love with him.