Just by the mention of the Bride and Groom names, we can know it already that they came from different countries. I once asked about how Susli and Thomas met then they were laughing and told me to read it by myself through their wedding site because everything is complete there.

Long story short, Susli and Thomas met at an event accidentally where Thomas was the jury of the event. Susli and Thomas come from quite different background. Susli comes from Indonesia while Thomas comes from France, and their families have totally different cultures. Susli comes from a Chinese family while Thomas comes from a pure French family.

However, they have been in a relationship for years and they were sure that they are meant to be to each other. They have traveled together to some countries from Indonesia, France, Singapore, and other countries in Europe. Sharing these memories with us, their invitation and stationery set come with the theme of travel, vintage / colonial feel of France, and not to forget to add about Indonesia and Bali (as the place they held their wedding day) touch too.

I can feel the love between Susli and Thomas is so strong everytime I met them. And looking into their traveling photos always show me that no matter where they were, they felt like home whenever they were together.

For home is not the matter of place anymore but it is when you can be in the right arms for the rest of your life. Love can happen anywhere and anytime, but it is only in one’s arms and that one hug to make you always feel like home forever.