Brown Hampers Package

We were so excited when our client made a special request to develop her boy one year birthday hampers design with Brown theme. Firstly, because we are so in love with this cute chubby expressionless bear character. Secondly, because we always enjoy the hampers-making process, remembering that with every hamper we packed, we could share joy, happiness and of course, lots of loves!

The Process

The fun part started as we discussed on list of items that would be put into the hampers and how would we do the ‘repackaging’ for those items. After the design concept was fully developed, we were so impatient to hurrily apply the design on each item. Then, when all items were completely repackaged, these were what we had: a beautiful rattan basket dyed in red paint. Inside there were a lot of tasty snacks with Brown character on in. Happy one year brownday (read: bornday) Teddy Kuncoro Putra!