Calm & Warm







Imagine you are entering a calm, green forest and it feels so comforting. Suddenly, you found a small garden inside with a few beautiful flowers under sun light that shines through the branches and leaves. Besides comforting, all of the sudden you feel warmth through what you see.

That’s how I feel with this invitation design and how it feels pretty much when I saw our lovely Bride, Adeline. She is so kind, bubbly and warm-hearted. And the same thing as Endro, the Groom, he also smiles a lot when we first time met and discussing about how they would like their invitation to be like.

I also attended their reception, and that is the time I know that they have the same euphoria of love; calm, comforting and warm. When I saw their first dance that day, I can see how they look into each others eyes very deep. And one time I saw Endro’s tear fell. I can see how both of them feel so grateful to have each other and to finally moving forward to the next level of commitment.

I always believe that a kind and loving man will always find the way to the same ones to then live together, happily ever after