There are some things people love about “falling in love”. The moment when you feel happy, you feel loved, and you find someone you can love in different way. Yes, that kind of feeling they often call as “Butterflies in the stomach.”


But there also comes this term “fall out of love”. Often people mention it as “grow apart”, when each person that is used to love and fall in love to each other chooses different path of life. They lose the feeling they got through the “falling in love” moment before.


Both are different, but the similarity is most people say they “just happened” – sometimes it feels like they don’t know why.


This makes some people do believe in “true love” so much, and some don’t believe it much, or don’t believe it at all – just based on what they heard about “falling in / out of love”. But love is not about falling in, or falling out of it. Love becomes true not when everything seems right, love doesn’t become not true when some things / everything seems wrong. Love becomes true when there is a commitment.


True love is a committed love, it is a decision to choose to love, and to choose the person you love. It is a commitment to walk along the way and hold each others hand, to invest the love to that person. And to promise to support each other along the way, when everything seems right, when some things turn around, or even when everything seems different. To promise to build up the commitment to love every single day, to stay consistent holding onto the true values, even when sometimes the love fades, or the butterflies are gone.


“Finding you is one of the best highlighted moment in my life, it feels like finding another adventure to go with the perfect companion.”