“I have met a lot of people in my life, and I have felt how it is being loved and to love. It was all started with the love from my parents, and then my family and friends. Then I met some other persons that love me in different way – they are way more than friends or best friends, they are not my family, but they gave me this feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

By the time I grow up, I know that it should be more than just that kind of feeling. I realized I have this part I need to be completed, someone to accompany me the rest of my life, to complete me. Then I prayed to God, if He has provided me with one from the day He created me – to make the right time and right place for us to meet each other.”

I believe it is a dream of every single man and woman in life. We are made to be loved, and even more than that – we are made to share our love to others. We realized that we need companionship to more than just spend our lives but to also bring out the best of it, for that person and even for others.

Meeting Bobby and Chika, made me realized that when we meet someone that fits us perfectly, then we will know that he / she is the one. When we can have each others back, completing each other and filling each other while each of us has our own strengths and flaws.

Completing their celebration of love, we provide this invitation completely perfect from concept to design and the content specifications. Simple touch of grey, gold and white has shown a complete visualization of invitation design Chika dreams of. Come together with additional cards, and a tiny magnet finishing to cover the double board-invitation well.

When all of the puzzles in our life is found and fit, this one piece we need to find will complete every other pieces, giving us a complete vision for rest of our life ahead.