My Destiny







Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that to have someone to love is a destiny? Then what’s the best way for us to meet our destiny?

I believe that there is always destiny for each of us to head to. But more than that, I believe that I am the first and only person that choose my destiny. I might not know what is my destiny, but how I step and what I do now defines how my destiny will be.

The same as soulmate, I believe we might meet some / a few different people in our life. But it is our choice to have someone to live and share our lives together until the end.

We might cross our paths with different people, but when we found the one we were more than crossed to each others path – we found the path to walk through together.

We have some different destiny / stories for our future, the best way to have best destiny in life is to live the best, do the best with what we have now in lives – then it will us to the best destiny that has been prepared.