The Perfect Combination





People often said that black and white are contradictive colors. However, for us these colors are perfect combination for the invitation! The plain and soft white, combined with strong and bold color of black, everything seems contrast yet strong and beautiful at the same time. Not to mention the finishing details of black hot foil, embossing and debossing that brings us to a wonderful eye-gasm.

Talking about the perfect combination, I can sum up my first impression towards Ryan and Cynthia with the same 2 words : The Perfect Combination. As well as after several meetings too.

Cynthia has all of this unique and strong concept of black and white for her wedding day, from invitation, decoration until photoshoot. Ryan understands and can visualize it as well as Cynthia does, trusting her for her wedding dream to be theirs. I can see how they believe each other, build each other as well as got their backs to each other.

From their appearance, the way they talk and do, the way they give input to each other to then get this fine invitation and wedding favor, the way they look into each others eyes, the way they love each other; everything is nothing more and nothing less – but A Perfect Combination.