The Sweetest Thing




Candies, cakes, chocolates, honey, which is your most favorite sweet thing?

Flowers, jewels, poems, which is the sweetest gift for you?

I believe, everyone will have their own preferences. As for love languages, each of us also have different way to show our love – and to feel like we are being loved; there are five of it : Words of Affirmation, Touch, Gift, Acts of Service, and Quality Time.
Beyond all of sweet things to eat, sweet things to give and receive, and all of the sweet love languages as the way for us to show our love; I believe that the sweetest thing itself is when we can receive or give it to someone we love. It might not always be glamour or expensive, it might not need to be very often / daily. It is all the matter of the moment, and the person.

The way I see Monica loves and respects William, and how she is so grateful having him. It reflects on how much William loves and respects Monica in the same way. I saw the record of their matrimony, and I can feel how emotional and deep it is hearing they vowed to each other at church.

The sweetest thing in life aren’t things; chocolates, flowers, or even cares. It is more than that. It is the moment when we can love one person, and he/she matters more than any other sweet things we ever have, or any other things we ever found in life.