To Someone Special, on My Special Day




Today, is my big day. A day that I will never forget. But there are those days, when I was waiting for today. And I know it won’t happen without you.

To my Daddy, my king, first love in my life. Thank you for showing me how a man could love a girl so much; protects her more than himself. Now I find my man, but you will always be my first man.

To my Mommy, the prettiest creature I have ever met. Thank you for those days without No-food day, thank you for those sick days with your companion and complete medicine, thank you for those days you always listen to my stories. And now, he is the man that is no other man was, I know you know it.

To my Best Friends, that know almost all of my histories. You know who I am from my best to my worst. Thank you for being faithful when I started to lose my faith. Thank you for the smile and hug when my tears fall. Thank you for being full of hope and supportive when I lost my hope. Today is the day, that you have always waited for as much as I did. Thank you for keeping me believe that my Man will come someday at the right time, and we know that this is the time. You know I won’t do it without you!