Of other popular Janapese cartoon characters, I think Totoro is one of those which are loved by many people without even need to watch the film. I can say so because many of my friends know, even love the character, but can’t even tell what creature this character is. :D. Can you? For those who don’t, here’s a clue: Totoro is a wood spirit. Don’t ask for more detail, or I will need pages and pages to explain the story and try hard not to get tempted to discuss the interesting conspiracy analysis of the story. So, in short if you are interested to know more, I suggest you to watch the film.

Above all, I agree that Totoro with its fluffy gray hair and cute grin is a lovable character. Therefore, we were more than excited to “play” with this character on the baby hamper design. We used two different outer packaging for this project, hardboard box and rattan box. The concept of the content was to create tea time experience for the receiver; there were a bundle of candies wrapped in tulle, a handful of cookies, packs of strawberry tea, 3 pieces of Ferrero Roche and the tea cup plus saucer. Happy born-day Nicolette!

Hardboard Box

Nicollete Box 03

Nicollete Box 02

Nicollete Box 01

Rattan Box

Nicollete Rattan 001

Nicollete Rattan 02