Japan is one of the most country I love the most, compared to another countries I have visited before. Last time I visited Osaka, I got to live in a small and nice place owned by an old Japanese couple. Beyond the nice place is how they serve us in a very friendly way, and how nice they really are in persons.

One of the hospitality they gave us is by serving us Matcha, also well-known as “Green Tea” that was originated from Japan. They told us about the most important thing of Green Tea other than the way we select the raw materials, is the way we serve it. There is a specific ritual to serve Matcha : Take the Matcha powder using a small wooden spoon and move it into a small bowl, pouring hot water into it, and then use Chasen (a small wooden stir, shaped like a tiny broom)  to stir it, wash the bowl with the liquid inside and throw it away first (This is to cleanse the bowl well using tea and wash away all bacteria). Then, we can start all over again by taking Matcha powder, until then we stir it again with the Chasen, to pour it into another glass and drink it while it is still hot!

That was the first time I saw the ritual, and the first time I tasted authentic Japanese Matcha. The old couple said to me that the real essence of Matcha is actually : how we prepare the best raw materials of it, and how we serve it. Without those rituals, we have lost the real essence and authenticity of Matcha itself. The hot and bitter taste left amazing taste especially when it is cold outside (I visited Japan when it was Fall there) and I can still remember how it taste.

And now, I can get this authentic set in my own country! Bringing back that old sweet travel memories~