Though I have not watched this hype movie of Game of Thrones, I have heard a lot about it from the fans. Lots of fans are in my circle – and sometimes I can visualize the movie myself everytime they shared about it enthusiastically.

I believe pretty much it is about war, and winning other region. When a certain location has been won, there will be a banner lifted up high as a sign that the location / region has been won and owned by a kingdom.

The same thing with our heart. As humans, we are all created with heart and feelings. All of is carrying it since we were born. It is shaped based on our previous experiences and our decision. It might not always be a perfect heart. We might sometimes get hurt, and bringing some pain inside.

But then, there will come a time. When we meet someone that knows us, our life, our stories, our heart altogether with its happiness and pain, our strengths and flaws. And suddenly it is just like the region won by a kingdom. Our heart is suddenly won by this someone, when it might not be an expected time or person.

But when it is won, life becomes different, everything is not just about me and my own – it is suddenly become ours.

Talking about the couple and GOT; most of GOT fans are males. But in this special case, the Groom, Ryan is not watching GOT – while the Bride, Marcellina is a big fan girl of GOT. She has come with this idea and concept of her wedding with GOT style, from end to end. Invitation is just one of the detail she has requested to have GOT theme. Aside of that, all of the suit and dresses, decorations, and euphoria make the guests feel like they are entering the world of Game of Thrones. Without watching it even once, everyone will know how the movie feels like and we can suddenly visualize it clearly in our mind.