Colorful balloons flying in the air carrying a house; what movie does come across your mind? Yes you are right! It’s UP from Pixar. The storyline was simple, but it’s so touching, particularly at the end of the story when the main role Carl opened his and Ellie’s book of adventure.

“Thank’s for the adventure-Now, go have a new one,” wrote Ellie.

You see, I think “adventure” is kind of a rare word used to describe a marriage. When you look up your dictionary, you will find the definition of adventure as follows: an unusual, exciting and daring experience. Ellie saw a marriage more than a social legitimation to waste her lifetime with his spouse, but beyond that, she declared that it was an exciting and daring experience which she was grateful for. That is kind of feeling that we want to engender through our decoration for this couple. Of course we didn’t miss the important part: colorful balloons! It became the dominant decoration of this project. It was a joyful moment when finally the couple let the balloons flew up in the air. People were very excited and happy, which made us happy too because we knew that we had achieved our mission: to capture the unforgettable moment and make it forever. :) Cheers!

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